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Yes it’s true we love our pets and so do celebrities too. The newest trend that seems to be going around are celebrity pets. It seems that no matter how many times you get star-struck by running into a celebrity while walking the busy streets, grabbing a bite to eat at one of their exclusive restaurants or while they’re getting in and out of their luxury automobile we are obsessed, but it’s nothing like seeing their lovable furry friend that usually tags along. That’s right! Celebrity Dogs are becoming just as famous as their owners.

I know they say dogs are man’s best friend, but it’s clear that both men and women love their pups. The great thing about celebrities that have dogs is that they become more than just a friend, but are a part of the family. And we have proof of that by the tons of celebrities who has owned pups for years, like Blake Lively’s adorable little Penny who has no problem with stealing the show, while Chrissy Tiegen and husband, John Legend and her French Bulldog, Pippa and her Bulldog Putty have taken to Instagram to display their PDA to the world.

And then you have more upscale celebrity dogs like Lady Gaga’s finch bulldog, Miss Asia, who has no probably taking over the spotlight from Miss popularity herself by becoming the newest pup in a new ad campaign for Coach. No matter who the celebrity is, it is clear who’s really famous. It’s true that dogs have a lot of personality and may not look anything like their owner, but one things for sure, they certainly take after them.

Celebrity Pups! We Love’em!
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