Miguel wants to live in a world where pet rescue is unnecessary. Dogs and cats would live lavish lives in warm and safe environments, and no pet would be left behind.

Stray dog in queens
Celebrity cat and dog groomer in Jason Heights, Queens


Miguel’s passion for animals began when he was just a young boy growing up in Puebla, Mexico. There, animals are not treated with high regard, but once Miguel looked into the eyes of a stray dog, he knew that these animals had a soul and needed to be treated better. In 1998, as a Mexican immigrant to New York City, Miguel was able to begin his path of helping to improve animals’ lives. While New York City does not have as large of a stray dog and cat population as Mexico, Miguel saw that many homeless animals ended up being euthanized in shelters. He realized that many of the lucky ones were adopted because they were clean and groomed. By saving his earnings as a waiter, Miguel not only founded a spay/neuter program, but he also opened the highly successful Venus & Dalila Pet Spa in October 2012 which helped generate funds to continue the program and also groomed shelter animals to improve their chances of adoption. Never being one to shy away from a challenge, Miguel continued to live the American Dream and not only overcame language, economic and cultural barriers, but he also taught himself how to be a fashion designer. Being both an animal lover and entrepreneur enabled him to found Dalila’s Petwear fashion line in 2014 which proved to be a very rewarding way to continue his pet rescue efforts while clothing pets in fun and fashionable couture. Proceeds from Dalila’s Petwear fund spay/neuter and rescue efforts in New York City. Miguel continues to live the dream in a house full of four-legged celebrities – all rescue pets! He pays his good fortune forward by mentoring and giving young talented people opportunities so they can live their own American Dream! You can see Miguel’s designs here (would need link) and you can also check out his designs in person at his fashion show. Click here for details. You may have also seen him in some international press! Explore Miguel’s YouTube channels to stay up-to-date on his adventures. Venus & Dalila Pet Spa / Dog Grooming Miguel Rodriguez