Jesus was born in Samana Caldas, Colombia on November 30, 1972. He has been a very hard worker at an early age. At the age of twelve years old Jesus started his journey working at a luggage manufacturer, he started as an assistant handling over thread and assisted people when they needed his help. As Jesus watched and learned he soon began  cutting and sewing the merchandise. By the time he knew it jesus was already sewing hand bags, belts, and book bags until the age of twenty three. Since Jesus had a passion for cosmetology he started building his dreams and opened up a hair salon, simultaneously with a night club in his town. At the times back the living situation was very difficult but Jesus knew with hard work and dedication he had to keep going to be a successful person.

The opportunity came to Jesus to come live in the United States. Without a doubt he said yes and sold his two businesses with no hesitation. As all of this was new to him he continued working as a hair dresser in queens, NY. As the years passed by he decided to change careers to start working at construction and doing private housing repairs to learn new experiences. On a casual day Jesus met wonderful Venus a schnauzer, that’s when he discovered his love and passion for animals. Jesus was so in love that’s he made the decision to adopt a schnauzer and named her Dalila. Dalila was named after a plain whit t’s song called ‘hey there Delilah’.


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