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Dog Grooming and Vaccinations for dogs and cats

Low Cost Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats call to RSVP 718-644-7072

 LOW COST VACCINATIONS for pets Sunday, July 7th, 2019 9:00 am-12:00 pm
Dalila's Pet Grooming
90-12 37th Avenue Jackson Heights NY 11372 718-644-7072 for information regarding vaccines, health and care of pets,
For information on pet adoption, call (718) 644-7072. Parasites and flea control medications will be offered. It is necessary to make an appointment. •
People should be dealt with in the order of arrival. Exception will be made with persons aged or disabled. • Pet owners must be over 18 years of age to participate. • Pets must be subject with belt or in your porta pet and only healthy and not pregnant animals vaccinated. • Will accept payment in cash only for vaccines and microchips refer to your veterinarian before of VACCINATING your pet if this sick, if is possible that this pregnant or if has had reactions to VACCINES above.
Join us this coming Sunday July 7th  from 9:00 am to 12:00 am Dr. Youssef From Animal Empire Veterinary Clinic well be at Dalilas Pet Grooming
90-12 37th Avenue Jackson Heights, New York 11372---> RSVP at 718-644-7072

Domingo, 7 de Julio2019 de 9:00 am - 12:00 am
Dalila's Pet Grooming
90-12 37th Avenue Jackson Heights NY 11372
Para información referente a vacunas, salud y cuidado de mascotas, favor de visitar la página web www.vdpetspa. com. Para información sobre adopción de mascotas, llamar al (718)644-7072. Se ofrecerán medicamentos para parásitos y control de pulgas.
Es necesario hacer citas.
• Las personas serán atendidas en el orden de llegada. Se hará excepción con las personas mayores o discapacitadas. • Los dueños de mascotas deberán ser mayores de 18 años para participar. • Las mascotas deberán ir sujetas con correa o en su porta mascotas y se vacunarán solo animales sanos y no embarazadas. • Se aceptará pago en efectivo únicamente para vacunas y microchips CONSULTE A SU VETERINARIO ANTES DE VACUNAR SU MASCOTA SI ESTA ENFERMA, SI ES POSIBLE QUE ESTE EMBARAZADA O SI HA TENIDO REACCIONES A VACUNAS ANTERIORMENTE.

Dalila's Pet Grooming
90-12 37th Avenue Jackson Heights, New York 11372

-----> RSVP at 718-644-7072 <------------
Microchip $60
Deworming $18
HeartWarm Test for dogs $38
Rabies Vaccine $25
Bordetella $25...
Da2ppv Vaccine $32
Corona Vaccine $28
Corona Vaccine Vaccine $28

_______________Cat Vaccines___________________
FVRCP, Rabies Vaccine and deworming $85
FVRCP Vaccine $32
FELV/FTV Test for Cats (AIDS and Lukemia $75

_______________DOG VACCINES__________________
Da2ppv, Corona, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Rabies Vaccines 

About Us


Dog Grooming


We offer grooming services for your pet at affordable prices and will take extremely good care of your fur kid. We understand the love and bond that comes with owning a pet. 

Our professionally trained pet groomers will pamper and care for your pet's needs. And for that reason, we take pride in the exceptional treatment your pet receives from our professional and responsible staff. 

Our staff of caring and friendly pet groomers specializes in working with pets of all sizes and will treat your pet as if it was our own. Our philosophy is simple; we customize our services to suit the unique needs of each and every pet to deliver immediate and visible results that will make a real difference in your pet's life. At Dalila’s Pet Grooming  we aim to give you and your pet the best possible grooming experience.


Established in 2012.

Dalila’s Pet Grooming  started because the necessity of the service in our community. Because of our love for dogs we needed a pet spa that gave excellent customer service as well as being cost effective. 

Dalila’s Pet Grooming  is very well known in the modeling pet industry and we take pride in working with dogs and cats, making them fashion icons in the doggy fashion world.


Our Services


On your first visit you will be asked to complete a client/pet history form. This form provides us with a full background of your pet's medical, emotional and grooming history, your veterinarian's information and all of your contact information. Most of our grooming services can be completed within 1.5 - 3 hours. (Depending in our schedule) 

GROOMING SERVICES *Brush outs - A full brush out and comb thorough before and after bathing. * Haircuts and trims - Specific client requested styling or breed specific cuts.  * Blow out & drying - To remove excess hair and undercoat.  * Bath or Complete Bath - If you have a dog that doesn't need a haircut or if you want to keep them clean between haircuts.  ** All pricing depends on breed, size, condition of coat/skin and requested styling. **   

COMPLETE GROOMING INCLUDES An initial consultation with the groomer, nail clipping, teeth cleaning, anal gland, ear cleaning & plucking when necessary, sanitary groom, bath and hair cut.   

COMPLETE BATH INCLUDES An initial consultation with the groomer, nail clipping, teeth cleaning, anal gland, ear cleaning & plucking when necessary, sanitary groom,and bath.  

PLAIN BATH INCLUDES An initial consultation with the groomer, teeth cleaning, anal gland  & plucking and bath.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are always prepared for any pets' needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and love. Their happiness and care is our priority and we strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive. 

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